Do Moms Always Win Custody Battles?

Maryland Divorce FAQ

Divorce is a costly process to go through with regard to both time and money. It also takes an emotional toll on both parties. This is why special care must be taken when there are children involved. Some believe that the court always rules in favor of the mother, but it is untrue that custody is always […]

Child Custody for Children with Disabilities

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Determining Physical Child Custody with Children who have Disabilities If you have children and are going through a divorce, determining custody is an important part of the legal process. With shared physical custody, both parents can have equal custody of the child or children, but at a minimum, one parent will have a least a […]

Understanding Sole and Shared Physical Child Custody

Child custody can be extremely confusing, no matter if you are new to it or have prior experience. There is legal and physical custody, but each one of them can also be sole, joint or split. Are you confused yet? To help you untangle this mess and understand custody better, our Owings Mills custody lawyers […]