3 Ways to Prepare for Family Court

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Whether you’re going through a divorce, battling for child custody, or looking to file a protective order, family court is no joke. A lot of people feel nervous about stepping foot into a family law courtroom, and that’s normal. However, preparation can help ease your nerves and even help you get a good outcome. Take a look vat these three ways you should prepare for family court.

Learn About the Process

Television is responsible for a lot of the common misconceptions about courtrooms and what goes on in them. In reality, every courtroom is different. Ask your lawyer what you can expect the day of your hearing. Your lawyer will have experience dealing with your type of case in identical or similar types of courtrooms. Knowing what to expect can drastically reduce your nervousness.

In addition to learning more about the process, you should learn about the courtroom itself. What does the outside of the building look like? Where can you park your car? What does the inside of the courtroom look like? Take the time to visit the courtroom before the date of your hearing.

Confirm What you Need to Bring

The reason why you’re in a family courtroom will determine what you’ll need to bring. For example, if you’re going for a custody hearing you may need to bring things such as:

  • Payment records for things related to the child
  • Photographs of you with your child
  • Birth certificate
  • Proof of timely child support payments
  • A visitation log

If you’re going to court for a divorce hearing you may need to bring things like:

  • Copies of financial statements
  • Current mortgage statements
  • All bank statements
  • Car titles/registrations
  • Statements regarding life insurance policies

Ask your family law attorney what specific documents you’ll need to bring to your hearing.

Choose Appropriate Attire

First impressions are vital. A judge will start to form an opinion the minute you walk into the courtroom. Make sure it’s a good one by dressing appropriately. Wear clothing that conveys respectability but doesn’t draw too much attention to yourself.

Work With a Divorce Attorney in Carroll County

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