Post-Separation Support

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Understanding Post-Separation Support

Post-separation support is a form of alimony for ex-spouses in need of financial support after a divorce.

Post-Separation Support in Maryland

Financial support following a divorce in Maryland can come in many forms. Post-separation support in Maryland is a type of temporary alimony that essentially is paid until a set time or other circumstance is met.

Qualifying for Post-Separation Support

To qualify or obtain post-separation support in Maryland, the two parties must meet the following circumstances:

  • Both parties were married, lawfully.
  • Dependent spouse is the one seeking post-separation support
  • Supporting spouse is the party post-separation support is being sought against
  • Dependent spouse isn’t able to meet their financial needs
  • Supporting spouse is able to pay the post-separation support.

How is Post-Separation Support Decided?

A court will make their determination for post-separation support in Maryland based on several factors. Ultimately, the purpose of the Maryland post-separation support is so  neither spouse is put in any financial harm or burden following a divorce. The amount and length of time the Maryland post-separation support which is granted will depend on a combination of factors including, but not limited to:

  • Length of marriage
  • Financial needs of either party
  • Standard of living either party has become accustomed to
  • Either party’s current recurring earnings from any source
  • Either party’s ability to produce income
  • Any separate or marital debt or obligations
  • Reasonable expenses
  • Legal obligations to support other people

Post-Separation Support in Maryland

Each and every state has different laws concerning how they govern and handle certain aspects of divorce and family law. Post-separation support in Maryland is more commonly referred to as alimony and broken down by a few different types of alimony. Alimony and post-separation support are, in effect, the same legal concepts.

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