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Divorce Trials In Maryland

If you and your spouse cannot agree, it is highly recommended to hire a divorce lawyer before your divorce trial.

Maryland Divorce Trial

Not all divorces end up in a nasty courtroom drama style trial as shown in Hollywood. In truth, most divorces end up being settled out of court. In some cases, the separating spouses cannot agree on one or more aspect of a separation agreement. In a scenario like this, the divorcing spouses will have to take their Maryland divorce to trial.

What does it mean for a Divorce to “Go to Trial”?

When a divorce case goes to trial, it is because the separating spouses cannot agree on certain aspects of their separation. When this happens, it is called a contested hearing. Commonly, a divorce will go to court because the spouses cannot agree on how the assets will be divided or who will get custody of the children (and to what extent).

What happens at a Divorce Trial?

A divorce trial will not be something which happens quickly. The process may take months or a year or more. During a divorce trial in Maryland, either spouse’s divorce attorney can and most likely will file motions and other things which may prolong the duration of the trial itself. That being said, a divorce trial does not necessarily consist of arguing over who said what and other common television courtroom scenes.

Do I Need a Maryland Divorce Lawyer?

If your divorce seems fairly straight forward, and without any issues, you may be wondering it you still need the expertise of a legal professional. The answer, is yes. It is highly recommended you have an experienced Maryland divorce lawyer working for you even if you think you have a simple matter.

In the instance of a contested divorce, one where you and your spouse do not agree on certain terms of the divorce, it is extremely important you hire a Maryland divorce lawyer. They will be able to guide you through the process and ensure that your rights are protected.

Here at Alan L. Billian, P.A., we are experienced Owings Mills divorce attorneys who have represented many individuals in divorce court. We know how best to help guide you through this trying time and can help you achieve the best possible outcome for your situation. Give Alan L. Billian, P.A. a call today at 410-889-5500 for a consultation to discuss your situation and how we can assist you.


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