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If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, you need effective legal representation. In the current legal climate, a weak defense can lead to stiff penalties, fines and even jail. Even minor charges can have serious repercussions. Our Maryland criminal lawyers at Alan L. Billian, P.A. will do their best to secure the best possible case outcome for you. We provide legal services in Baltimore, Carroll, Anne Arundel and Howard countries, as well as throughout the state of Maryland, including the cities of Owings Mills, Reisterstown, Westminster, Columbia, Annapolis, Glen Burnie, Baltimore City and many more.

How We Can Help

At Alan L. Billian, P.A., we have extensive courtroom experience and a record of personal and professional service to clients in criminal cases. When you are charged with a criminal offense, it goes on your public criminal record. This information can be accessed through background checks by your potential employers, banks and other companies and organizations. We strive to keep your record clean or minimize the consequences whenever possible.

Some of the criminal offenses we frequently work on:

  • Theft crimes
  • Assault and battery
  • Drug or alcohol related offenses
  • DUI and DWI
  • Driving on a suspended or revoked license

Criminal charges are a serious matter, even if it’s something seemingly harmless like driving on a suspended license. The penalties can range from fine to jail time, depending on your specific case, the history of prior offenses and whether you hired an experienced Maryland criminal defense attorney.

If You Get Arrested

Police Car On Street

If you get arrested on criminal charges, remember that you have your rights and that police officers should respect them:

  • You have the right to remain silent—you don’t have to talk to the police during your arrest or questioning.
  • You have the right to an attorney whom you should be allowed to call.
  • If you started answering questions, you can stop at any moment and wait to continue after you consult with your attorney.
  • You are presumed innocent unless proven guilty.

Our Owings Mills, Maryland criminal defense lawyers will react immediately to your call and ensure you receive a proper consultation and representation.

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