Can Child Support be Modified in Maryland?

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If you are currently paying child support in Maryland and considering filing for child support modification, there are some things you should know first. While it is possible to modify child support in Maryland, it is a complex process, and is only available in certain circumstances. Let’s look quickly at some circumstances that qualify for child support modification, as well as the process involved in making changes to your support order.

maryland child support modification

When Can Child Support be Modified?

The amount you are required to pay in child support is not set in stone, but it does have to go through a process to be modified, and there must be a good reason to do so. Grounds for requesting an adjustment on your payments include:

  • A change in income, such as being laid off, demoted, etc. This is one of the most common reasons for modifying child support in Maryland because jobs do change and income is often fluid.
  • If the child(ren)’s needs change. In some cases that may mean the child is diagnosed with a medical condition they didn’t previously have, and the child support payments need to change to help with that expense.
  • If the child’s schooling situation changes and increased payments are needed to help cover that cost.
  • If one of your children is no longer a minor.

How is Child Support Modified?

Once you’ve determined you have grounds to request a change in child support payments, there are complicated documents that have to be filled out and submitted for your request to be considered. In these cases it is wise to work with an experienced Maryland child support lawyer who can help you navigate this thorough paperwork. You will want to ensure your paperwork is filled out properly and completely, while also being sure your requests are grounded and in compliance with Maryland child support laws. An experienced lawyer can help you through every step of the process. A court hearing is generally necessary to modify child support and an attorney will represent you at that hearing.

Adjusting child support payments can be a complicated process that can be overwhelming. If you have had a change in circumstances and are in need of an adjustment to your child support payments, give Alan Billian, P.A. a call today to get the process started. Our years of expertise can help you smoothly and efficiently file for a modification while keeping your mind at ease that you are in full compliance with the law here in Maryland.

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