How Shared Calendars Can Make Co-Parenting Communication Simpler

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Co-parenting can be hard, but shared calendars make it a little easier. When a relationship goes south, kids are often stuck in the middle. Shared calendars make it easy for parents to communicate with each other and create a healthy co-parenting environment. There are plenty of shared calendar websites and applications to choose from. Here are a few options for you to consider:

co-parenting options for divorced parents


The OurFamilyWizard app has been around for over 20 years. It’s designed specifically for the situations co-parents encounter. In the app, parents can create schedules, handle expense tracking, communicate, and share files. Parents also can add third parties such as extended family, mediators, and family therapists. Lastly, there’s an access level just for the children so that they can see their calendar and send messages. 


For parents who need more assistance with co-parenting, CoParenter is a good option. In the app, parents can get the help of on-demand parenting coaches and mediators. In addition to the standard shared calendar, you can also create and document parenting agreements, track expenses, and send messages. 


This app is specifically designed to help with co-parenting. In this shared calendar app, parents can do things such as send messages, track expenses, and create a shared contact list so both parents can quickly reach out to important people when needed. The app also allows parents to add other people such as caregivers and extended family to the communication function, so everyone knows what’s going on. 

Children can also be granted access to the calendar without being able to see the communication between parents.


2Houses include a parenting calendar, expense tracking, a shared journal space, messaging, and a place to put basic child information such as medical information, shared documents, and important contacts. Parents have the ability to sync the calendar in this app to other calendars like Outlook or Google. Lastly, the application allows you to add other people to the calendar and grant them limited access. 

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