What to do if my Child is Arrested

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Receiving a call from a police officer is never something you look forward to, and when you have children, it’s always concerning. If your child has been arrested, your first line of defense is a good, experienced juvenile defense lawyer. Here are some things you can do when your child is faced with a criminal charge.

Juvenile Defense Attorney

Be Proactive

If your child has been arrested, they will be processed by the county’s intake facility for the Department of Juvenile Services. In many cases, the arresting officer will take the offender straight to this intake office to be processed. While this is occurring, it is a good time to look into lawyers and begin reaching out, so that you and the lawyer can work together for the best possible outcome.

Speak with a Lawyer

The very first thing you should be do the morning after the arrest is call a lawyer who specializes in the juvenile court system. This incident, whether it be underage drinking, theft, drug use/trafficking, or vandalism can have a lasting impact on your child’s future. Working closely with an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer is essential, and the sooner you begin working with a lawyer on your child’s case, the better.

Know the Laws in your State/County

It is also important to know how the system typically works, so that you can navigate the next steps with the information you need. In most cases, minors under the age of 18 remain in the juvenile court system until they reach their 21st birthday. After this point, the offense will not show up in public record, or on background checks (in most cases). The juvenile court system hopes to correct wrong behavior and works to ensure children stay out of the system, rather than inflicting punishment.

Hiring an experienced lawyer to deal with your child’s case in the juvenile court system is the best thing you can do for them. After a crime has occurred it is your job as their parent to mitigate the damage and give them the best chance at it not impacting their future. An experienced and skilled lawyer can help you and your child navigate the court system and help you receive the best outcome. Our team at Alan Billian has experience working with the Department of Juvenile Services throughout Maryland. If your child is in need of a juvenile defense lawyer, contact us today to see how we can help you and your child.

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