What to Expect During a Divorce

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Going through a divorce? The divorce process is not easy to navigate on your own. Once you add on the emotional stress of this trying time, things can become down-right overwhelming. Here at Alan L. Billian, P.A., we get it. We’ve worked on a lot of divorce cases and know first-hand how stressful these situations can get. In order to better help you prepare for the road ahead, here’s what you can expect during a divorce.

Nothing Happens Like it Does in the Movies

First things first, what you see on TV may not accurately portray how a divorce plays out in real life. Some aspects get close, but don’t use movies as a gauge for how your divorce will go. For example, divorces are commonly settled out of court and there is much more paperwork than they show on TV.

Grounds for Divorce

The first step in the process of a divorce is stating the grounds for your divorce. In other words, why you want to get divorced. If the grounds are filed incorrectly, it could lead to a motion to dismiss your case. Obviously, we don’t want this to happen. So be sure to discuss your case with an experienced divorce lawyer in Maryland before filing for the divorce in order to figure out the best grounds to file for your individual case.

Filing for Divorce

When filing for divorce, you will also need to consider residency. Depending on the grounds for divorce you file there will be unique requirements as to how long you have lived in the state of Maryland. If you and your spouse have both lived in Maryland for over six months, then you’re covered. When filing for divorce, it is usually done at the circuit court in the county where you or your spouse lives.

Separation Agreements

A separation agreement details how all the assets and responsibilities will be divided between the two spouses. Expect the drafting of this document to have a little back-and-forth; especially if there are children in the equation or assets which can’t be easily divided. For more information, here is our guide to separation agreements. We strongly recommend having a Maryland divorce lawyer draft and look over this document before you sign it.

Taking it to Trial

Sometimes, couples cannot agree on the terms of a divorce and this is when the divorce goes to trial. Be sure to partner with a Maryland divorce attorney if you are going to trial. We can’t stress this point enough. Legally, you can represent yourself—but it’s not recommended. One thing to expect during a Maryland divorce trial is that many old emotions may re-surface; this is normal but it’s paramount to remain calm and civil during the divorce process.

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