Why Summer is the Best Time to Modify Parenting Agreements

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Summertime for kids is the best time of the year. There’s no school, and they get to do plenty of fun summer activities. Although this is a fun time for kids, it can pose a difficult time for parents. With no school and more time spent at home, it can be difficult to allocate time spent with parents. That’s why a lot of parents modify their parenting agreements during this time. Check out these reasons why summer is the best time to modify your parenting agreement.


Vacation Scheduled

During the summer, you or your co-parent may have vacations planned that don’t fit into your normal parenting schedule. This can cause a lot of stress and friction between your co-parent, so that’s why it may be a good idea to modify your parenting agreement beforehand. At the beginning of the summer, sit down with your co-parent, and go over any vacation times you have planned and adjust the schedule accordingly. 

Summer Activities

Your child may be a fan of sleepaway camps or part of a travel team. If their summer activities limit the amount of time spent with one parent, parents may want to adjust the parenting schedule so that they can still spend enough time with their child. That way, the child is able to enjoy their summer activities and still be able to spend time with both parents. Additionally, parents won’t have to worry about losing valuable time with their children if they want to sign up for summer activities.

Time to Adjust 

The school year can be hectic. From dropping your child off at school to picking them up to get to their extracurricular activities, it’s certainly not the best time to change a parenting agreement. During the summer, your child’s schedule may be less hectic. That means that if you modify the parenting agreement, it gives everyone the much-needed time to adjust and become familiar with the new schedule without all the stress that the school year brings.

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