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Did you know we wrote a book? Over the many years of working on divorce, custody, and other family law cases, we’ve figured out some really effective ways to achieve a stress-free resolution. In fact, we share these tips with each of our clients on a regular basis and see tremendous success.

In 2014, we took this knowledge and compiled it into a book called Happily Separating. Here’s a brief overview of our book, and why we decided to take the time to write it.

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Who we Are

Alan L. Billian, P.A. is an Owings Mills, MD law firm who specializes in family law including divorce and child custody. We’re not your typical lawyers. We pride ourselves on being honest, responsive, and caring. Our clients are much more than a case number and we believe that shows with how much our clients appreciate the work we do with them.

Why Write a Book?

While our practice area seems to keep our client base geographically limited to Maryland and surrounding areas, we felt it was important to share our experiences with anyone who needs a little extra help. We wrote this book so anyone, client or not, can follow our proven methods and make smarter decisions during their divorce or any other stressful situation.

What is Included in Happily Separating?

Our book, Happily Separating, takes the approach of sharing experiences and stories to help give advice and life lessons. In particular, this advice revolves around cases in family law. Happily Separating will teach you about:

  • Focusing on the positive and brushing off the negative
  • Organizing your efforts
  • Using your time efficiently
  • Protecting your children
  • Preserving your lifetime assets
  • Hiring the right lawyer
  • The keys to a stress-free divorce or split

How to Purchase the Book

If you’re interested in purchasing this book, you can find it on the Barnes and Noble or Amazon websites for the same price. In addition, we welcome you to give us a call to discuss the book in more detail and order a signed copy from us. However you get the book, we hope that it helps you separate happily and amicably.

For more information on our book, Happily Separating, or for a free legal consultation for any of your family legal issues, give Alan L. Billian, P.A. a call. We can be reached at 410-889-5500 or by filling out the form on our website.

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