Why Does a Divorce Take So Long?

No one wants to get stuck in a divorce that drags on for years. Yet, plenty of divorces do exactly that. Some divorces can be completed in a matter of months, depending on the state of mind of the parties involved. Here are some of the most common reasons why divorces take so long. 1. […]

Problems that May Arise in a Divorce by Using a General Lawyer

It’s common for people to want to pay the least amount of money for their divorce. That’s why they turn to general lawyers. But most of the time, general lawyers end up costing you more money, more time, and  more favorable results. General lawyers can be a great asset in certain situations, but when it […]

Taking Care of Yourself During Divorce

self-care during divorce

Divorce is a difficult process that can be very long and exhausting for all parties involved. One thing that people going through a divorce often forget is that they must tend to themselves throughout the process in order to get through it in as healthy of a manner as possible. Here are some helpful tips […]

A Simple Guide to Property Division in Divorce

A person signing a divorce settlement with two wedding bands

When facing divorce, a lot of people become stressed and anxious about property. What’s going to happen to the house? Who’s going to get the car? Or the bank and investment accounts? Which one of you is going to get to keep the record collection? What about the decades’ worth of Christmas cards? There are […]