Are Prenuptial Agreements Worth It in Maryland?

While every couple preparing for marriage thinks that this is “the one” and that things will last forever, reality can be different. For many couples in Maryland, many couples are signing prenuptial agreements to protect individual assets before marriage. What is a prenuptial agreement, and is signing one really worth it in Maryland? What Is […]

Can You Draft a Prenup After Marriage?

Can You Draft a Prenup After Marriage?

Prenuptial agreements are a great way to protect yourself and your significant other when entering a marriage. These agreements are usually entered into before marriage, so what can be done after a couple is already married? Can you draft a prenup after marriage? The short answer is yes—it’s just not called a prenup. Instead, a […]

Is a Prenuptial Agreement Right for You?

A prenuptial agreement may seem like a formality for some couples, but for others it may be a subject of numerous discussions. Do we really need a prenuptial agreement? We are so happy now, should we be planning for the worst case scenario? As Owings Mills family law attorneys, we deal with prenuptial agreements frequently […]