What to Know at the Start of Arranging Custody

What to Know at the Start of Arranging Custody

Arranging child custody is a significant and often emotionally charged aspect of divorce or separation. It involves making decisions that will profoundly impact the lives of your children and your own life as a parent. To navigate this process successfully, it’s crucial to be well-informed and approach it with a clear understanding of what to […]

Common Mistakes Made During Child Custody Cases

Common Mistakes Made During Child Custody Cases

Child custody cases are emotionally charged and legally complex proceedings. Whether as part of a divorce or a separate custody dispute, these cases require careful navigation to protect the best interests of the child involved. In this article, we will explore some common mistakes made during child custody cases, shedding light on pitfalls to avoid […]

Child Custody Considerations for Same-Sex Marriages

Same-sex marriages are a celebrated milestone in our society, bringing joy and legal recognition to countless couples. However, when it comes to child custody matters, same-sex couples in Maryland may face unique considerations and challenges. Understanding the legal landscape and taking proactive steps can help protect your rights as parents and ensure the well-being of […]

Dealing with an Ex that Doesn’t Follow the Agreement

Co-parenting with an ex is not always easy, but it’s certainly more difficult when your ex refuses to comply with a custody agreement. A custody agreement is a legally binding agreement that must be followed by both parties. If one spouse doesn’t comply, it’s up to the other to decide the appropriate next steps. Here […]

Grandparents’ Rights in Child Custody

Grandparents play a vital role in the upbringing of children. Their love and nurturing spirit benefit not only the child but also themselves. Unfortunately, sometimes grandparents can be caught in limbo when it comes to child custody. Do they have child custody rights to their grandchild? How can they go about getting custody of their […]

5 Considerations for Child Custody

When parents decide to divorce or separate in the state of Maryland, there is an urgent need to determine how they will share custody of their children. If they can’t determine custody on their own, they will need to enlist the help of a judge. The judge will decide on child custody based on a […]

Custody Laws in Maryland

All co-parents need to be familiar with the laws that surround child custody. Although there are federal custody laws that you’ll have to abide by, Maryland also has a set of unique custody laws that you will need to follow. Check out some of these Maryland-specific child custody laws     Types of Child Custody […]

What Are Good Reasons to Get Primary Physical and Sole Legal Custody?

You’re ready to separate from your spouse or partner, but don’t think co-parenting is the best option for your child. That’s why you want to request primary physical and sole legal custody of your child. If you have sole custody, your child will live with you full time, subject to the other parent’s possible visitation […]

Why Summer is the Best Time to Modify Parenting Agreements


Summertime for kids is the best time of the year. There’s no school, and they get to do plenty of fun summer activities. Although this is a fun time for kids, it can pose a difficult time for parents. With no school and more time spent at home, it can be difficult to allocate time […]

How Shared Calendars Can Make Co-Parenting Communication Simpler

Co-parenting can be hard, but shared calendars make it a little easier. When a relationship goes south, kids are often stuck in the middle. Shared calendars make it easy for parents to communicate with each other and create a healthy co-parenting environment. There are plenty of shared calendar websites and applications to choose from. Here […]

Do De facto Parents Have Child Custody Rights?

Nowadays, families are complex and come in a lot of different forms. You may have developed a loving, parent-child relationship with a child who is not biologically yours. The term “de facto parent” reflects the complexities of families and gives these parents certain rights to a child. If you want to learn more about the […]

4 Common Mistakes People Make in Child Custody Arrangements

When you and your spouse or partner break up, it leaves children in an awkward position. Child custody arrangements are created to set children up for success and to help parents navigate co-parenting amicably. When a judge is deciding on a custody arrangement, one wrong move can affect the outcome. Here are four common mistakes […]

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