Do I Need a Prenuptial Agreement?

Maryland Prenuptial Agreements

When you are about to get married there are a million decisions that need to be made. From living arrangements to wedding details, the list of things to do and decisions to make can seem endless, but there is one decision that shouldn’t be ignored. It is essential for you and your partner to decide […]

Child Support in Maryland – What you Need to Know

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Child custody and support can be very complicated and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Maryland’s child support guidelines have been in effect since the early 1990’s, and help clarify any support questions. In Maryland, child support payments are based on a number of factors, including income, the number of children, alimony, etc. To […]

Limited Divorce in Maryland

Maryland Divorce Settlements

What Defines a Legal Separation in Maryland? The term “legal separation” is often thrown around when discussing the possibility of divorce; however, technically no such thing exists here in Maryland. When considering a separation, parties have the option of a “Voluntary Separation Agreement,” or a “Marital Settlement Agreement”. These agreements can be a part of […]

4 Divorce Options: Mediation, Litigation, Four-Way Meetings and Collaborative Law

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Divorce is a far more complex legal matter than most people think. And until you are personally involved in one, you have no idea about how it works and what options you have. Our Maryland divorce attorneys have guided hundreds of clients through divorce, and some of them didn’t realize at the beginning that going […]